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First Time in South Korea – Part 2

The other half of the trip, Seoul!

This KTO Manila trip’s actually called the Ladies Special Familiarization Tour. It’s an all girls trip focusing on not just the usual tourist spots but also the girly activities like pamper spots, too! (You guys have no idea how much I looked forward to this xP) We had our two remaining days and we finally arrived at the city!! YAY.

I am so into having my nails done so I was really happy when they were taking us to no other than: Dashing Diva! I actually didn’t expect that they would be referring to the same Dashing Diva we have here in Manila but as soon as we got there it looked exactly the same. It was only then that I realized that it’s international. Whoops! But damn, how I wish the Dashing Diva here in Manila would be as big as this!! <3 FYI, a lot of Korean celebrities have their nails done here! This is in Gangnam-gu, one of the expensive cities there.

Okay, I usually have my nails done in Dashing Diva here in Manila, so I was curious with how their service was with there in Seoul. I have heard though that they clean your nails so well and the polish is really sturdy! And well, since I was able to experience their full manicure, I can say that it really is so exceptional. Also so glad that they have a wide variety for nail polishes! 🙂

While waiting for the rest to finish, I decided to explore the stretch of the street of Dashing Diva. Decided to hang around in a small coffee shop I discovered, Le Bread Lab.

It’s only recently that I got into coffee so I just grabbed the chance for me to get to taste how the coffee is in Korea. Turns out it’s great!!! I loved it so much that I practically chugged it down and was the source of my palpitations that day. Lol. Worth it though.

Excuse me as I take a photo of my coffee (aka I just want to show case my newly painted nails LOL)

After getting a manicure we were then treated to a massage. Our next stop was Spa 1899. By this time I was just speechless and enjoying the trip because I looove pampering myself. In this case, thank you KTO, Jeollabuk-do and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization for spoiling us! x)

Spa 1899 is a luxurious spa. You already feel so spoiled just walking in as technicians greet you in and settle you down! They also use their own ingredients and products for the treatments. We were able to try the red ginseng oil since that’s their best seller and it is what they are known for! I have been addicted to essential oils lately so I just had to try it!

Of course it didn’t disappoint as I just had the best massage ever here! Also, the red ginseng oil was just perfect, I love the scent and it didn’t feel sticky or rather oily after the treatment. I was able to go on with my day without being bothered by the oil. LOVE IT. How I wish I can easily fly back and forth to Korea to get this treatment lol.

After the pamper session, we visited the Lotte World Seoul Sky Tower. It’s the tallest building in South Korea and is the 5th tallest building in the world!! It has 123 floors and honestly I wasn’t very fond of going up this tower as I am afraid of heights. Whoops.

The view was worth it though. So beautiful and we were able to witness the sunset there! Just couldn’t handle stepping on the clear glass floor. Hehe.

We were all excited to finish with the tour because the next on our itinerary was Myeongdong for shopping!! This was actually our free time so it was up to us how we’d spend it.

Also had kbbq in the city so I WAS SO HAPPY!! 🙂

We also had a girls night out after and I was reunited with a good friend of mine, Jee! Last time I saw her was 2013!! <3

On our last day, we visited the Korea Tourism Organization Center, the office of the organization that sent us there! I love how it was just not a normal office as it was very interactive and informational! You actually get a glimpse and learn about them already in that very center.

Our second to the last stop for that day and that trip was the Grevin Museum. It’s Korea’s version of Madame Tussauds!

This is also the closest I can get to Lee Min Ho, for now! Lol.

The favorite activity of mine during this day though was our last stop: Scentlier, where we made our very own fragrances!

It’s this quaint little shop in Hongdae and I just love everything personalized! I was able to concoct my own scent and I’ve been using it! Talk about so me.

This was our last activity for the trip and I really enjoyed it! I couldn’t thank KTO Manila and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization enough for this opportunity. This makes me want to go back to see more and spend more days here <3 I highly recommend this Ladies Special Familiarization Tour to those who want to experience not just the usual tourist spots!

See you again soon, Korea!~

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  1. Amanda at
    2 years ago

    You look like the beauty queen named Dindi Pajares. Gorgeous!

  2. Baguio Places By Mae
    2 years ago

    I would love to try the personalized perfume, hope to get the right perfume for me. I also love the Grevin Museum wherein the hand print of Lee Min Ho is displayed, as well as some foreign artist like Madonna. Can’t wait to read your Blog about Myeongdong where you could buy som Korean OOTD’s.


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