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First Time in South Korea – Part 1

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity when KTO Manila invited me! 

I have always dreamed of going to Korea. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I love places that have amazing sights and at the same time have great FOOD! Most of my friends know how addicted I am to Korean barbeque and this last minute trip meant that I could taste authentic Korean BBQ. Lol. Also, I haven’t been there at all so I had no clue what to expect! I rarely watch K-dramas too so I couldn’t exactly picture what Korea is so it made me curious! This was also around October so I just had to say yes to Autumn there <3

Like I said I didn’t know what to expect from Korea and with that, I just got to enjoy the sights and the experience itself! It actually made me appreciate it more because it really has a lot to offer! Apparently majority of our days were spent in different provinces. I didn’t know because 1) I had no clue 2) There was so much to do EVERYWHERE. So it was a blast.

We were there for almost a week so this goes the first half.


We arrived in Incheon pretty early. We were told that it was an eventful day because it was our first day and we didn’t want to waste time because it was our first time to visit! We even had our own bus to ourselves to help us get around! But of course we couldn’t go out with an empty stomach so we had a hearty yet heavy breakfast.

This is Galbitang it’s a Korean Beef Short Ribs Soup aka, their version of “bulalo”.

For me this was just the perfect breakfast meal to greet us! I found it so cold there so the galbitang balanced everything out! It’s also pretty filling and of course, delicious! *YUM*

Our first stop was the Imsil Cheese Theme Park.

At first glance, it looked like Disneyland, but amidst of it being a theme park, it actually is the origin place of cheese in Korea.

To be honest, I didn’t really know much about cheese as I just thought that cheese is cheese. Going to Imsil though, I learned more about it and now I can tell the differences, and finally know what I like and I don’t like lol! There you can learn about everything cheese – how to make, eat and produce the cheese. It’s the ultimate cheese experience.

Stop 2: Jeonju

Now this is where it gets more interesting. Jeonju is yet another province in South Korea and is known for it’s Hanok Heritage Village. Here we were able to “be one of them” because we got to play dress up and wore a hanbok for the rest of our tour! I was never into wearing costumes but wearing the hanbok and being one of them (even for a while) made me appreciate their culture more.

Got to pick our outfits ourselves too so that was fun! It was like playing Korean barbie! Jk but really this was my favorite part of the first day! 🙂

Aside from the hanbok experience we also got to explore different areas! Explored more of the village and almost every spot was Instagram worthy! So beautiful even without the filters.

Amidst of us riding a red eye flight, we did a lot for the first day! First day and so much Korean culture I have already absorbed <3


The next coming days will be more of sightseeing and touring. From our hotel, it took us almost 2 hours to get to Mt. Daedun, the first stop for that day. It being a mountain it was more than a walk, it was practically a mini hike up! This day was more outdoorsy than our first day. The hike up wasn’t hard but it was quite steep and long. Nonetheless, the view was so worth it!

If you’re the adventurous type, you would like Mt. Daedun. A hike sounds tiring but you know what, this was actually calming for me! Also since it was autumn, the leaves of the trees were transitioning and I just had to take a picture! Too beautiful.

It took us another 2 hours to get to our next destination which is the Korean Folk Village. Here we learn more about their culture and traditions – traditional weddings, plays and even how they make their own materials such as baskets, masks and the like. 

To cap off this day we then went to Starfield Hanam. It’s a huge shopping mall in Gyeonggi with numerous brands as well as restaurants! I guess you could say a treat after all the sightseeing? Lol.

We had an amazing hotpot dinner in Hanwoori, too! Just look at that.


Third day and I still was so excited to learn and see more of Korea! This day was more relaxed than the previous ones because we got to explore just three chill spots: Petite FranceGarden of Morning Calm and Pocheon Hub Island.

Petite France is this quaint little village dedicated to the “Little Prince” book. It was as if I was actually in France but only had Korean texts all over. Lol. But really every spot was picturesque!

Next up, Garden of Morning Calm.

Now this is just one of my favorites! Think of a huge park with beautiful plants and flowers. Walking around it made me feel so zen and well, calm. I’m also glad the weather turned out great, if not it would just be a hassle since we had to walk around nature.

The last for this day: Pocheon Hub Island.

This was just a sight to see! After all the gardens and mountains, I was actually glad to see this! It was just so refreshing and what’s nice is that you wouldn’t even think there would be a lake inside this area! This kind of reminds me of the Big Lagoon in Palawan. 

We then had our dinner here. The set up is just beautiful. I actually felt like I was in Wonderland with all the decorations!

We also got to make our own pillows here and was able to watch a light show/concert in their garden! They also have paper love locks around! (This will be my closest thing to a “love lock” for now :p)

Overall this first half of the trip has been awesome! Literally put me in awe and even if we were in provinces, it felt so full and fun! There’s just really so much going on for Korea and I love it. Check out the Part ii blog post coming up to know about how we spent our city experience! 🙂

If you’re interested with our itinerary, it was all organized by Korea Tourism Organization Manila.

Check out their Facebook here to know more all about them!

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  1. Sai
    2 years ago

    I’ve been a long time silent fan and reader, since Tumblr days pa, and I have to say this is one of your best posts ever. I love how you narrated your experience, it makes me feel like I was with you at that time. More like this please!

    Merry Christmas A!

    Love, S


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