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I have been obsessed with coffee ever since I visited the Land Down Under and ever since I got back, I’ve been very particular when it comes to it.

Back during my uni days, I used to be the type to just rely on sweets or snacks to stay awake, I was never really a fan because I couldn’t really find a blend that was good for me. Now that I am already working and was finally able to taste good coffee, I can’t seem to get enough of it! I have one almost every day just to kick start my mornings!

I am the type who likes sweetened coffee or rather “coffee” that doesn’t really taste like coffee so my taste buds lean toward mild ones and with more cream and flavor such as hazelnut, white chocolate, or my favorite: mocha!

I’m not a fan of strong blends that’s why I love my Café Mocha because it’s both creamy, sweet, and chocolatey. (Sweet tooth over here!)

I have reached the point that I love everything that’s convenient for me even grab-and-go stuff. Whenever I’m in a rush and having a hectic morning, I just get my Haus Blend Café Mocha and I’m already good to go! Coffee really completes my mornings!

This Brew In A Bottle is just awesome because aside from its flavors and it being easy to find, it also is pocket-friendly! For only 35 pesos you get the ultimate café experience even if you’re having a busy day.

How about you guys, what’s your favorite coffee?

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