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Highlights Captured by my Honor10

It’s been quite a few months! From my recent Melbourne trip, to my birthday down to opening up a new business venture of mine while balancing some me time, the past months have been so busy for me it’s insane, but in a good way! A lot definitely happened within this span of time 🙂

Having a busy schedule and being always on the go, I have found myself bringing just the essentials with me. With my work I only need internet connection, a phone and a good camera! My Honor10 has been my buddy these past few months because it’s so easy to carry and it delivers everything I need as well as good quality media! I literally just carry my Honor10 and wallet around and one lippie!

In Melbourne I was able to capture different cafes and brunch spots, which I loved taking photos of because the AI camera automatically detects the contents of the photo and adjusts its settings. No hassle adjusting ISO, etc! I love how it’s so easy and so simple to use.

Even at events in Manila it’s so convenient to use! Just take a snap and it turns out awesome!

It also has that bokeh effect that I love for photos!

It also captures views or scenes quite beautifully. I love how the photos are so crisp and clear!

It also makes you look fresh after a workout! Lol I love this feature so much! xP

Also been really busy because of my new baby, CoSpace!

I can’t believe 2018 is already about to end and we’re about to welcome another year ahead of us! Make sure you get to capture good memories of yours so you can remember and treasure it through pictures!

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  1. Korina
    2 years ago

    Hi Arisse! <3 Where did u get your pants in the first photo? Thanks!


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