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A lifetime ago. Jk. Actually just late 2016. 

Just a warning: this post is photo heavy! 🙂

It’s so weird writing this because it’s such a long time ago or at least, it feels like it. This was my first ever trip to Australia and Daniel was still living in Brisbane at that time. It’s easier to write about it now because it feels like it’s just a memory instead of sort of living in it? As you all know I’m doing long distance with my boyfriend and this was the time when we first adjusted to it. These are good memories of course, but now I can finally just write about it instead of focusing on adjustments, so yay! 🙂

Honestly I have never heard of Brisbane ever. This is the only time I did because that was where my boyfriend was to take his masters, lol. Usually we hear of Sydney and Melbourne, barely about Brisbane and now I get why! Brisbane’s quite small (the city was literally just one busy street) and not as busy as those two. It’s good but I found it too laidback and relaxed. Apparently the more popular areas were a drive away like Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Byron Bay etc. We didn’t get to drive out due to Daniel’s school and work but nonetheless, I still have good memories of it and these are some of the activities I did there!

Since Brisbane’s pretty small, this mostly consists of food trips. I really enjoyed it because I also had my friend Jana with me so I was able to get around and go to the places actually worth going to. Usually as long as I get to discover new places and they have good food, I’m good already! :p * In this post you will see how much I eat HAHAH

As soon as I was able to settle down there, Daniel took me around the city as soon as he finished with class. We went to Southbank, walked around and checked out the Wheel of Brisbane. At night we do late night strolls near the wharf and just eat and enjoy each other’s company with the view. To be honest I was just happy that I was able to be with my boyfriend again. Hehe.

Whenever Daniel’s busy, Jana takes me out to good restaurants! Because of her, now I know the go-to places there. So nice of her to bring me around and really go with me to eat and even day-drink sometimes.

We went to Summer House in Kangaroo Point to have tapas and cocktails! This is when my love for tapas started out!

This is my first legit Pimms drink in Australia. I tried it once at a beach trip before and now I can say I have tried it in Australia already :p

We also went to Eagle Street Pier, an area where there were a lot of restaurants lined up with the view of the ocean. We had seafood and wine in George’s Paragon and it was the perfect night cap!

Daniel and I had our fair share of food trips as well. We snacked on Golden Gaytime, Mr. Fitz and Doughnut Time. (Yep sweet tooth!)

We also went to Eat Street Markets in Hamilton and I ate the world. I was so overwhelmed that our first trip there cost me 70 AUD which is almost 3 thousand pesos HAHA! Yes, overwhelming but it was real fun because we get to discover new dishes and enjoy the music and the vibe of the place as well.

As much as it looks like I’ve been eating out a lot this trip, majority of the time, we cook our own food as it comes out cheaper and it’s more healthy. Everything’s more expensive there in general compared to the Philippines, but what I love about it is that there are a lot of activities there that you can do for free and you’re not limited to anything! It really makes you appreciate the simplest things even just strolling or staying in the park and I enjoyed that. 🙂

One night after dinner we even decided to go drive up to Mount Coot-tha. It was chilly and the view was nice. Mind you, this was just around a 15 minute drive from the city if I’m not mistaken. Think of it as their Tagaytay but travel time’s so much shorter.

Last but not the least, we were able to attend Coldplay’s concert in Brissy!! This was our first concert together and it didn’t disappoint! We also witnessed a number of proposals that night! *Aww!

Man, I love making memories with this guy. 🙂

What I love about it: People are so chill and the work-life balance is everything. You can find people during their break in the park eating or even grabbing a drink. You get to enjoy and have your own time. Also, flights to Australia just take 8 hours from Manila. I rode Philippine Airlines because there’s a direct flight and booked it as soon as my boyfriend left, just to have that sense of security that I’ll see him again. Hehe. They also have a lot of promos so it’s not hard for me to fly in and out. Now looking back, I just realized we have lived in different places already, and this was just the beginning.

As you can see as much as it’s a vacation for me too, I’m not in the total vacation mode because the schedule of Daniel wasn’t as clear. Anyhoo, the point of this trip was for me to see and experience what his life there was like and I saw things the way he did. And it turned out to be a blast anyway. <3

To my readers who are  doing long distance too, how do you guys deal with it? Maybe you can give me tips as well! 🙂 Or if you have any questions about my itinerary and go-to places, hit me up! I can help 🙂

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  1. Lux
    2 years ago

    Aaawww I enjoyed reading this post! Hihi xx

  2. andrea
    2 years ago


  3. Glad
    2 years ago

    I love reading your blog A. You both look great together and which is lovely. I’ve been in a ldr before for 2 years, you just need both a lot of patience and trust. It’s a roller coaster emotions. I was needy and clingy that time, which was bad. And sometimes, I get jelous. If you’ve been in a long term distance relationship, just give him more time but not so much. It’s better if you don’t communicate always like everyday, so you can have a lot to talk about. Just talk bout important things. Good communication will make your relationship great. You should watch Like Crazy movie. It’s my fave movie and its about LDR too.

  4. i love you arisse :) it's so hard you need to leave kath huhuhu. I love your friendship so much :) Godbless you on your next journey.
    1 year ago

    i love your blog


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