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Cool For The Summer

Summer is just around the corner and I’m so hyped!

It just means hello to more bikinis and beach trips and hello to Mr. Sun too! As much as it’s almost always hot in Manila, staying out under the sun will be more likely this season. It’s a time where we can spend it with both friends and family because I’d like to think that it’s a well-deserved break for everyone!


I remember last year when I was in Boracay for work, I always complained about how it was too hot and how I always had an ice-cold towel around with me. Yes, I love the beach and summer itself, but it was just too hot to handle! Given that, I had to find ways to keep myself cool and feeling fresh amidst of the heat.

Sure, drinking water or bringing ice-cold towels or showering numerous times would help but we should keep in mind our hygiene too and take better care of ourselves. Sun’s out so it could also mean dry skin and dry skin could also mean dry scalp :/ A microorganism living on everyone’s scalp causes dandruff and it’s very annoying for the waste it generates. Heat and sweat could aggravate it and it’s not exactly a pleasant sight to see, nor feel! Humidity and our natural oils on our scalp are also one of the factors, which lead to dandruff and our hair being so oily. Euw.


Head and Shoulders Lemon Fresh secret lies in the combination of advanced fragrance creation for a strikingly fresh scent of lemon blasts, with a novel product technology that enables thorough and lasting cleaning. It features a new & outstanding fragrance that lasts for hours, and works together with its dual zinc action formula to deliver a fresh and clean feeling that lasts.

18191554_10154849553923071_1438230046_nAs the temperature spikes, don’t let the summer heat get you down. #KeepACoolHead and stay up to 100% Dandruff Free and Itch Free all summer long with #HeadAndShoulders. It offers the best protection for your scalp from the intense summer heat! The flaking and the itching will be gone in no time. Less worries, more fun under the sun!


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  1. M. Angelica C.
    3 years ago

    hi ate!are you think na international yan product?kahit hindi pa summer dito I want to prevent 🙂

  2. Glaiza Binayas
    3 years ago

    You look beautiful


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