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Skincare Maintenance

To those wondering how I keep my face free from radicals!

Tbh, it doesn’t really take much. I just stick to the essentials – meaning I do not use a lot of product, and most especially, I stick to the brands I am comfortable with + a great derma!

Calayan’s clinic is pretty straightforward and clean. I usually go after lunch just so there aren’t a lot of people so this was just a perfect time to capture it! Look how modern and vibrant it is! Once you enter, you already feel refreshed in a way! Not to mention they have a mini drinks bar there for refreshments as well!

As much as a makeup addict I am, I value my skin the same way. So aside from the usual skincare regimen I have at night, I regularly go to Calayan to get my monthly cleaning and pampering! 🙂 I had my own share of trial and errors when it came to the derma so I am really happy that my skin’s reacting well to their treatments. 🙂

Though I can try out different treatments, I choose to stick to only what’s needed! I consider the maintenance too before I start with the treatment or procedure!

I had the chance to meet and consult with Dra. Pie Calayan herself where she evaluated my skin and what exactly needs to be done. That was where I also raised my concerns so she can recommend the treatment fitting for me. I barely have acne but whenever I do have, it turns out to be a big one and therefore, leaves marks. So Dra. Pie suggested for me to try out their Microderm Facial that lightens marks on the face and rejuvenates skin as well. For times that my face was pretty dry, I chose the Hydra Facial which has NSS infused vitamins and minerals for deep moisturizing and whitening. You’ll never know what type of treatment you need because skin reacts to everything – stress, weather, products – you name it!

I also got to try their Tenor machine! Can I just say that I’m IN LOVE with this?! My cheeks are pretty big on the side so this treatment simply just “melts” away skin and helps in collagen production. I would love to post a before and after photo but it’s embarrassing. Lol. Just trust me when I say that this is definitely WORTH IT! I recently got my passport photo taken after numerous sessions and based from my previous photo, there’s already a huge difference! If you’re wondering how many times I went, I went for almost 3 months, every two weeks. I religiously came in because 1. It’s effective and 2. it only takes 15 minutes to do! I would even go before an event because it’s that convenient! 🙂

All in all I just spend a good one hour or so there. Thankful that my skin’s not that bad, (all thanks to my mom’s genes lol) that I don’t need a lot of treatments!

You can check out Calayan’s website here for more details! Or visit their clinic at Dela Rosa Corner Amorsolo, Legaspi Village, Makati. I also heard they’re expanding to the north and have a clinic at Cebu as well. 🙂

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