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OOTD Post: Sporting off Braids

Trying something different’s not that bad :p

As I like to stick to the classics, I still make it a point to incorporate new trends and styles on my outfits. This season I’ve been seeing that braids are making a come back – specifically the multi braids, just like how I wore my braids above! Off The Pages, a go-to platform for latest trends pointed out that braids are definitely back and in once again! You can check it out here.

There are a lot of different types of braids you can use for any occasion. Recently, I’ve been pegging Selena Gomez so as soon as I saw her wearing braids, I didn’t mind trying it out as well!


My schedule for this day was pretty chill since I was just out for errands and a meeting, so I opted for a black top and light denim boyfriend jeans plus my white open heels! And let’s not forget I the braids! Definitely a new twist, don’t you think?

_mg_1605 _mg_1652

Mind you, making a statement does not only come in form of clothes and accessories, but your hair do’s too! 🙂

_mg_1604 _mg_1612

This up-do though made me conscious about my scalp. Did you know? That even if you don’t see dandruff on your scalp, there are other issues that can affect it? Dryness and Itchiness is another factor that harms your scalp. Apparently, only 17% of people actually prioritize a healthy scalp while 56% prioritize having healthy skin. What a big leap! People are always more concerned about going to the derma and taking care of the skin, forgetting that the scalp’s skin too, so it should be kept healthy as well! Let’s not forget that scalp care is just as important as skin care! 🙂

_mg_1648 hs _mg_1667

I have always been an avid fan of Head and Shoulders! It’s my go-to brand especially when it comes to scalp care and dandruff! I tried out the new 3-Action Scalp Care recently and it worked wonders for me! It cleanses, protects, moisturizes the scalp to give it the care it actually deserves! This particular variant has 8 times smaller micro zinc particles that makes it easier to penetrate the scalp in order to achieve dandruff-free and beautiful hair!

I find it so embarrassing having flakes all over my head so I really make it a point to have a healthy scalp. Tbh, I’m one of those people who are OC about it. Those flakes all over one’s head a.k.a. dandruff’s one of the things I notice when I encounter other people and it honestly gets distracting too! Whoops! Hehe. So all the more not only do you have to do it for proper hygiene but to keep yourself – every bit of you, even the scalp, clean and healthy! 🙂


Check out the latest on both fashion and beauty on OFF THE PAGES: Your Access to turning latest trends into your own!

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  1. Nica Rabot Gianan
    4 years ago

    It’s so nice ate Arisse You’re so pretty as always hihihi Nice braid

  2. TIN
    4 years ago

    gonna rock this braid tom ty to bby arisse! lysm :*

  3. anne pedrera
    4 years ago

    My fave hairstyle

  4. Alyssa Mae
    4 years ago

    Hi Ate Arisse! You inspire me so much, you are literally my fashion hero. I could never forget what you said in your past post, to never compromise comfort over style. I always think of it every time! Keep being you po 🙂 lysm :*

  5. Yazmin Denise Hagosojos
    4 years ago

    Love you!

  6. Alexander Sy
    4 years ago

    Ganda mo!

  7. Rusty Lopez Philippines
    4 years ago

    We not only love this post but we love your shoes! The shoes really add flavor to your outfit. We suggest you also check out our website for more shoes just like this.


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