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On Building Yourself and Your Confidence

Workshops shouldn’t be taken for granted. 🙂

I don’t know if you guys know but I took workshops way back in grade school and high school! I always loved keeping myself busy both in school and out that’s why I never hesitated to enroll classes during the summer.

Before blogging happened, I was so passionate about dancing. (And up to this day, I still am and I still want to take classes occasionally!) It was my first love and we all know that first love never dies! <3

When I started, I barely knew anything! I didn’t know the moves, the techniques and the stunts! No one starts knowing everything anyway. At the start, I more of did it for the enjoyment and only then did I learn the skills. Safe to say that my guts came first before everything! Lol. But seriously speaking though, I was happy I took the risk amidst of all the nervousness that was all in my head!

I was never a “perfect” dancer and there’s no such thing as perfect because up until now I am still learning! New techniques and stunts, different choreographies! Oh just thinking about this just makes me want to take classes again.

Here’s a little throwback of me during my dancing years <3




Started out as just me liking to dance, to loving it and to the point where I was one of the core dancers of our batch back in Assumption. From enrolling to learning to making dance routines I wouldn’t have imagined it.

I also didn’t have a hard time performing in front of other people! Yes I did experience butterflies in my stomach before every performance but it was such a great feeling after! It’s very fulfilling <3

You might think that it’s just a simple summer class, but to me it was way more than that. Aside from the dancing classes I took, my social skill improved as well. I learned how to mingle with people, work in groups and most especially I was able to build my confidence. As cliche as it may sound, I only realized everything now, and I am ever so grateful that I took them. Imagine, almost 5 summers of my life taking workshops – it will definitely make an impact on me.

Be it dancing, modeling, photography or whatever you’re curious and/or passionate about, I swear just go full on and go get it! It’ll do you good! 🙂 The skills that i learned and experienced back then are the same skills that I was able to apply to my blogging life. I find it easier to mingle with other people at events and to think I wasn’t good at holding conversations before!

John Robert Powers has been one of the top workshops I’ve heard even way back as a child! JRP classes are really worth the investment because it builds you as a person, too! I suggest that you guys check out JRP’s Art of Social Success workshops because it did me well while I was growing up! Visit and its Facebook Page today to learn more about its exciting classes that help you discover and hone your potentials. 🙂

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  1. Frances Hazel Songco
    4 years ago

    Whaahaha! Nene days Ate A! Love you!

    1. Arisse
      4 years ago

      Yaaa! But goes to show that it’s been my passion for so long <3

  2. Mary grace baldesimo
    4 years ago

    ate A galing mo talaga

  3. Denille
    4 years ago

    I wish I also have that kind of confidence, Ate A! Because as of now, I’m still inside my box and afraid to show others the real me 🙁

  4. Angela Silao
    4 years ago

    Miss A, anong name ng school niyo dati? Assumption what?

  5. Ylyssa Kaye Yurong Hernando
    4 years ago

    omgg! same ate A, I so love dancing since elementary days <3

  6. Seren
    4 years ago

    wanna see you dance na tuloy hahahha :))

  7. Aisa Timz
    4 years ago

    yeah!! agree to these. I also joined workshops every summer. Ahhm a lot of WS honestly!! Theater, dancing, writing, and handicrafts. Infairness, makapal-kapal na tong mukha ko. Lol
    Hope to see you in person as a trainer and learn with ur own dance routine!! That would be great!!
    Btw, im a fan of UDC and WOD. Ugghhhh. I love Chachi Gonzales so badly!!!

  8. Jeanette Gomora
    4 years ago

    love how passionate you are miss A 🙂


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