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Look flashy without looking trashy :p

Most people often think that it takes so much to look trendy, cool and “sosyal” but to be honest it all boils down to how you carry your stuff and most importantly, yourself. True class really cannot be bought, but rather it’s all about your attitude and confidence.

I know a lot of Filipinos tend to look so highly on people who have branded and expensive things (which is pretty shallow btw) but more often than not, style isn’t about the brands you wear. Heck, even Taylor Swift who is a billionaire settle for not-too-high-end brands meaning to say, you don’t have to be broke in order to look rich :p I love going through sites and even tv shows that have the “look for less” theme because one, I get to know more brands and two, you find things – be it outfits or accessories – at an affordable price! Guess I just really love having options x)

So here’s my take on my looks for less! 🙂


Bag: Payless

This is my ootd on a usual day. I always go for comfort but I make sure that I don’t look too plain. For this outfit I chose to add some shine and patterns and color to my outfit. Therefore, I don’t look too plain and basic. I opted for colors that aren’t too loud and leaning on pastel colors. Also added a statement bag to pull it together. Don’t you just love the bag?? I’m a bag person so as soon as I saw this I just had to get a hold of it! Perfect size, cute color.. and guess what, it looks like one of Prada’s saffiano bags! See, girly, comfy and yet classy :p

As you all know, Taylor Swift has been my style icon eversince.. And ever since I’ve been following her style, I noticed I’ve been buying more turtle necks, plaids and maroons – it’s something you’d usually see her in!

13228173_10153838798713071_1328522145_n 13162394_10153838798723071_1462643987_n

Bag and shoes: Payless

To spice my usual outfit up a bit, I paired a white turtle neck top with a plaid skirt and black pointed flats and ecided to once again let the accessories do the talking! Bag seems familiar? Doesn’t it remind you of Celine? <3 Why not opt for alternatives and get it at a much more reasonable price? I swear, style isn’t just about the brands you wear but how you wear it! Tbh, It’s something I could wear to a lax event during the day! 🙂

Fun fact: I bought this eyewear because Taylor Swift has the exact same pair. HAHA talk about fan girl :p

13153471_10153838798808071_1948734869_n 13220131_10153838798773071_756751058_n 13219879_10153838798748071_546842893_n

Bag and heels: Payless

This last outfit can be for a day-to-night look or even an extra special occasion. This is something Taylor Swift would wear once again. :p The heels and bag really caught my attention here! I love how it looks so fab and “designer” once put together properly! <3

Payless 2016 new collection (13)

I’m also eyeing on this particular flats because it just screams classy. It can be an alternative to those Valentino rockstud flats! You can tell that it’s of great quality because of the material. 🙂

Payless 2016 new collection (7)

I also got a sneaker for me because I’ve been so addicted to the gym lately! I swear I’ve been buying workout clothes more than normal outfits. LOL. This one feels so comfortable to wear even while I’m doing activities!! It’s like there’s a pillow underneath! :p Comfort is also a priority!

See, it’s not just all about brands.. Better yet, find a brand that offers all style, comfort and most especially quality to be able to really maximize its worth! Check out the Payless store near you! You wont regret it 🙂


Payless ShoeSource, Inc. is the largest specialty family footwear retailer in the U.S. Locally, Payless ShoeSource is managed by Footwear Specialty Retailers, Inc., a division of Store Specialists, Inc. under the Rustan Group of Companies. Since opening its first store in the Philippines in July 2010, Payless ShoeSource Philippines has expanded to more than 70 stores all over the country. Payless is now available in major malls around the Philippines.

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  1. Jansell
    4 years ago

    Love the outfits A! My picks for less usually go for thrift store finds because they’re real treasuresssss without breaking the bank! Oh I’m loving Payless shoes lately too 🙂

  2. Zanne Pescador
    4 years ago


  3. Bela
    4 years ago

    Super love this!! ❤️

  4. Ivy
    4 years ago

    I love your blog Arisse ! Thats why im following you in insta.Hope to see you

  5. Krisna Jaira
    4 years ago

    I love your girly side!

    4 years ago

    Hi Ms. Arisse 🙂 Ano po yung brand ng White Polo niyo?

    1. Arisse
      4 years ago

      H&M 🙂

        4 years ago

        Thank you 🙂


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