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One Wash Wonder with Olay

Check out what’s new from Olay! 🙂

As you all know I have been an avid fan and user of Olay. There’s just something about their products and the brand itself that keeps me coming back. Or probably because they haven’t disappointed me with regard to any of their products!

I know that Filipinos have this obsession about being “white” so I guess that’s why a lot of brands offer a lot of whitening products here in the PH.. But sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect whitening product because there are products that are too stingy or strong (almost like a burning sensation), leading us to thinking that it’s effective. Let me tell you guys though, “tiis ganda” doesn’t have to always apply especially with regard to your skin because there won’t be turning back as soon as it get damaged. Or maybe there is but it’ll probably cost you more for treatments!

Good thing though, Olay’s taking things up a notch! They have their new Skin Whitening bar for natural white skin – and it promises it from the first use! I already love the brand as is so it wasn’t really a problem for me to try this whitening soap. Not once did I experience any side effects from any of their products – even with this one! 🙂


The new Olay Skin Whitening bar comes in three variants: 1. Rose and Milk, 2. Papaya and 3. Vitamin C. On my first use, I noticed my skin really did look a bit whiter, plus it gave an after-shine! (FYI, don’t expect to be white as Snow White on the first use, it’s really a process) But personally, I like the rose and milk variant because of its smell and milk content. There’s just something about milk that leaves my skin extra soft and smooth! Aside from its fragrance and finish, I also love how its solution is so gentle and is really effective! Price also ranges from 34php to 92php at the most depending on the size. Such a quality product!

Here are some photos during the launch 🙂

Also big thanks to Sara Black for capturing the perfect profile photo! 😉 aka my header 🙂

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It’s only been two weeks since I tried it and mind you, I also used it during my latest Boracay trip! If you noticed, I didn’t get too dark and I have Olay’s Skin Whitening Bar to thank for! So glad to have partnered with Olay for this campaign! This whitening bar is my current must-have for this season because the sun’s up so high this summer! <3


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  1. Myuzarae Sia
    4 years ago

    Ang ganda moh nman…mpa straight, mapa curl…ikaw na! Naiinggit aq sau..
    U have all the things in the world…keep inspiring people..i think my insecurities starting to like you na..i want to be like u..but I know I’m not.. I will never be…


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