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Bring Out Those Pearly Whites

Here’s my share of stories regarding my oral health insecurities. Btw, thanks for the nomination, David! :p

I have my share of insecurities especially when it comes to my teeth! I had to wear braces for 7 years of my life and it was no joke at all. Aside from the usual aligning of the teeth, I had to deal with plaque and the remaining remnants from the cement/glue from my braces! Add to that it also led to discoloration of my teeth. :/ Yes, braces helped me but it also brought about some other issues –such as plaque build-up, that I had to deal with after!

Now that I am done with my braces, I have to maintain it and be more wary of my oral health! (Especially since I don’t want to go back to the hassle of getting braces) Oral health is something we all have taken advantaged of at some point. We tend to get lazy when it comes to brushing or flossing leading to plaque build-up. Plaque is actually one of the root causes of oral health concerns. It builds up a yellowish layer around the teeth and it gives off that rough, fuzzy feeling on your teeth’s surface. Ever since after my braces, I got so conscious about my teeth. I don’t want any bacteria building up ever and I hate dealing with teeth discoloration! Safe to say that I was “traumatized” based from my 7-year braces experience, lol.

All we can do now though is pay more attention to ourselves, our oral health concerns. I am not saying that you should go get treatments from your dentists, but it all boils down to as simple as brushing your teeth correctly with the right toothbrush! 🙂 I have been an avid fan of Oral B and thanks to their Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush, getting those bacteria out (especially plaque) wouldn’t be hard anymore! It’s able to provide superior cleaning with it’s 16 degree angle brush and can actually remove 99% plaque! No plaque, no oral health problems! It’s really more of preventing and maintaining cleanliness 🙂 I swear, you’ll feel the difference eventually and your teeth would feel soft as if squeaky clean! No more rough teeth surfaces for me and my teeth looked whiter! <3

With that, I am more confident with regard to my smile, my teeth and how I carry myself. Imagine what proper oral care can do to your confidence and your lifestyle! This is exactly why I support Oral B’s #SmilePilipinas Campaign, it moves us to be more wary of our oral health that we tend to take advantage of sometimes. Our smiles are fundamental to our identity so we better take care of it! Now time to bring out those pearly whites and enjoy life without having to deal with oral problems! 🙂


I am now tagging Jackie Go and Camie Juan to share stories regarding their oral health issues! I know we all have one! It’s never too early to start caring for your health. Always remember that health is definitely wealth 🙂

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  1. Kizes Aguilucho
    4 years ago

    Hello arisse Ganda mong bata happy me pag nakikita Ko kayo ni kath kasi ang Ganda Ganda nyo pareho . God Bless and Ingat palagi .

  2. rina macion
    4 years ago

    I like your idea. Let’s take care our oral hygiene esp me I don’t have the perfect teeth braces is the only way to have our perfect smile. Soon..

  3. Jansell
    4 years ago

    I got my braces removed just recently and I badly need to take care of my whites. Thanks for this A!

    1. Arisse
      4 years ago

      No problem! It was a dilemma for me too! :/

  4. Bam
    3 years ago

    I don’t have nice teeth. As in. I don’t have braces and never had one. But yknow, tooth decay probs. And it really pulls down my confidence. I regret i didn’t take care of my teeth way back.


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