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Watsons Great White Sale

Here’s something for those who are OCD with going white :p

Who here have certain pet peeves about your body? Like having uneven skin tone, dark spots, stained teeth and all that? I’m pretty sure we all have our own share of pet peeves and things that we are all OCD about. To my avid readers, you guys would know how I hate having uneven skin tone, radicals on the face and most especially stained teeth!!!! For no definite reason those are the parts that I really most focus on. Thankfully though, Watsons has their very own Great White Sale!!


I was able to attend the launch at Podium just earlier this year and I love how this basically revolves around being comfortable in your own skin. Doctors and other beauty enthusiasts were able to discuss what it was all about as well. It’s not just for kikays, it’s basically taking care of yourself too. Whether you want fairer skin or whiter teeth or even just a whole new regimen for you – Watsons Great White Sale has it all!



So apparently these are the things that I ended up hoarding for myself. :p I was at this corner most of the time! Hello skin care forever :)) You can hoard what you guys want as well at the Watsons near you! There’s a 50% discount applied on selected products and SMAC members can get a chance to win a total of 1M Php shopping points for a minimum of 500php purchase using their SM Advantage card! Watsons has been my go-to place for my whitening and skin care solutions and it’s definitely a place where you can celebrate all around beauty. 😉 Catch it up until February 24! 🙂

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