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JBL Splashproof Series

I’m no tech blogger but I do love music. See what JBL has in store for us! 🙂 

I’m the type of person that loses herself in a song. I could blast my headphones or speakers on and that would easily lighten up my mood. Like I said, even though I am not a tech blogger, I still love to listen to music and I am still quite picky in terms of the specs and the quality. Personally, I’d rather invest on a good quality one that would last for so long than keep on buying “cheap” ones.

I remember my parents giving me JBL speakers one Christmas and I was so satisfied with it! And now, it’s once again making it’s move with it’s new splashproof product line! As clumsy as I am, I can say that I’m really into this! Lol. Clumsy Arisse is clumsy! :p

12283349_10153468322343071_1123396918_nJBL Xtreme

This one’s literally a big one! For me this is by far the best one among the line! It really delivers big sound and really great quality. I felt like I was in a concert while listening to my music! Lol. But really though, you can feel the music! Aside from it’s exquisite sound quality, it also has a tough, rugged look that makes it durable – and let’s not forget, splashproof! The JBL Xtreme also enables calls through its speaker phone and can link multiple other JBL connect speakers! As if the Xtreme itself wasn’t enough! Lol. It just keeps on getting better. This speaker would be perfect for out of town trips by the beach or at a big house. For sure it’ll still sound so perfect given whatever circumstance!

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JBL Flip 3

As for the JBL Flip 3, it’s safe to say that it’s more fitting for me. Why? Because for a person like me who’s always on the go, it’s so easy to carry around and it also delivers big sound! I can definitely feel the bass with this one! Talk about small but “terrible”! Just like the Xtreme, it can also act like a speakerphone and has an improved battery life up to 10 hours! Yay we don’t have to keep them charging for so long! The Flip 3 can also be used with the JBL connect app to further boost sound! Lets not forget that of course, it’s splashproof! It’s just about the perfect size and perfect built for me whenever I go to beach trips! No hassle at all bringing it because it’s highly portable! 🙂


Overall I love that it is built so well that it’s so durable and portable at the same time! Also the splashproof feature!!! A clutz like me really thanks JBL for this. LOL. But what I love about it most is that it connect multiple JBL speakers! It definitely takes the whole sound experience to another different level. Rain or shine, JBL speakers won’t disappoint. It’s just perfect for my lifestyle 🙂

Also letting you guys know that Harman/Kardon JBL has a promo just perfect for the Christmas season <3 Buying one unit of Pulse 2, Charge 2 Plus, Flip 3 or Extreme entitles you to a 10% discount on other units! So to all music lovers out there – this one’s for you! Catch the deal up until January 17, 2016! 🙂


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