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So I am addicted to movies and series! My friends know how much of a movie buff I am and how I am updated with movies every week. Lol. Actually be it series, movies – local or international, I am really addicted to it!

Hearing that Globe launched HOOQ, sort of like our version of Netflix, it got me all excited and I had to avail of it! It’s basically an online streaming site fit for your mood! 🙂 

The launch was held at URBN in BGC with a crime scene-slash-mystery-slash-Gotham theme!

DSCF2628 DSCF2626

Love these shots at the entrance of the elevator! So fitting with the theme!

I bet most of all will agree how movies and series are “part” of our culture. Safe to say that we enjoy them so much that sometime we all have to keep up with the latest series or movies or even opt for a throwback of our favorites! Yes, HOOQ has them too! Yay!


Look, they made us answer the mystery! Everything was well thought of! 🙂

DSCF2651 DSCF2656

Hello to Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim the faces of HOOQ! 🙂

Anyone and I mean anyone with internet and a smartphone or any device for that matter can get a hold of this type of entertainment! You can download it on Google Play or Apple Store since it works well for IOS and Android! You can also check on your desktop! So easy and convenient right! 🙂


My companions for this event! Issa Abello, Jacob Benedicto,

Patrick Sugui, Joe Henson and Dan Aragon :p

And of course, we took advantage of the set up LOL. Emote lang. HAHA.

DSCF2671 DSCF2668
Can’t stress how much I enjoyed this event and love HOOQ. I have something to do with my downtime since I desperately need to unwind even more the past days! 🙂 First timers can get it for free for 30 days and then choose to proceed with the subscription after! I swear once you get HOOQ-ed, you will really get hooked! :p

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  1. Issa
    5 years ago

    Uyyy, love it, may mention ako! Hahaha. Glad you had fun Arisse!! Can’t wait for the next!

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Bwahaha! Hi issa, you’re here! Til the next most definitely :p

  2. Alexandria Obieta
    5 years ago

    Hi ate Arisse! Hope you had fun there! Love you. :))


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