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Kiehl’s Super Skin Sesh

I’m addicted to you…. skin care. Here’s something from Kiehl’s Philippines!

I am a self-proclaimed beauty-slash-hygiene-slash-kikay girl! It’s probably both a good and a bad but I always like to think that it’s all for the sake of hygiene and taking care of yourself, and your whole being. You have one body forever (lol not like we have a choice), but might as well really take good care of it rather than having regrets in the future.

My mom has great skin and taking care of my skin is one of the daily reminders I hear from her. As busy as my mom may be, she still makes it a point to take care of herself. With that, even though I have so much on my plate, I still manage to pay attention to my body and my skin. Though I am exposed to numerous brands and products as a beauty blogger, I get the final verdict only after trying the products and seeing how it reacts on my skin. Me being a curious and conscious cat with regard to skin care, I just can’t help but say no to an invite of a well-recognized and credible brand such as Kiehl’s!

The interiors greatly resembled the city that never sleeps aka it’s very New York-y hence the brick walls and the bright lights. 


Each section of the store depicts every aspect of the brand. This is the apothecary section which shows where and how the brand started out.

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Kiehl’s has grown to be more than just a “pharmacy”. They have products and categories such as anti-aging, healthy skin, dermatologist solutions, ultimate man – dedicated to them boys and even hair and body products!


Loved how the skin sesh had sweets!!! Cookies and milk made this event more fun. :p

Kiehl’s has been with us for 163 and originated at New York (my future home! Hehe) at East Village. It started out as an old apothecary which then developed to a beauty line that’s for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. No it wasn’t just established just because, rather it’s researched, studied and developed by professionals, to the brand that we all know today. You won’t hesitate consulting with their people because all of them are well trained and they actually know what they are talking about!! (Quite frankly, it’s one of my pet peeves when merchandisers don’t know much about their product and their clients, a big no-no!)

It was at this Super Skin Sesh, which btw was conducted by my friend, Bianca – that I learned more about the history, beliefs and practices of this well established brand!

Simply put, our skin sesh was a consultation for our skin needs. They conducted a patch test to know my skin type to know what products best fit with it as well as my lifestyle. Take note: lifestyle is also a huge factor in knowing the condition of your skin! It’s not like other brands where they just generalize and filter out the skin types and their products. Kiehl’s is very particular, considering lifestyle is a huge factor too.


The Kiehl’s Representative conducting the patch test. Apparently my skin is considered as combined. It’s in between oily and dry!


Given that, these are the suggested products that work well with me.

L-R: Facial Cleanser, Toner, Eye Cream, Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Concentrate, Midnight Recovery Concentrate,

Daily Reviving Concentrate, Facial Cream, Sun screen

To be honest, I really needed this skin session! I have been so stressed and busy with work that my skin’s taking its toll on me – especially that day! I haven’t been sleeping well and it just so happened I was able to consult them at my worst! Now at least though, I really know the products that I need to prevent this from happening again.

I brought home samples too, just for me to know if it would work well on my skin before jumping to it entirely! As soon as I got home yesterday, I immediately tried it out and surprisingly I saw immediate results the morning after – a.k.a this morning! The eye cream and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate worked like magic! It made my skin look rejuvenated and healthy!

Thank you Kiehl’s Philippines for having me at this event! Made me more aware that no matter how busy I may be, I should still take good care of my face and my skin in general. Really no hesitations using this brand! It’s with us for 163 years for a reason! A premium brand as it may be, it really does work wonders! 🙂

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Thank you Rhea for being my buddy and Bianca for having us!! <3


KIELH’S | GREENBELT 5 | Kiehl’s Facebook | IG and Twitter: @KiehlsPhilippines

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  1. Bianca
    5 years ago

    Love love your writeup! Super fun day yesterday because of you <3 Thank you and yay for a new and improved skincare regimen <3


    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Thanks love! See you soonest please! 😀


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