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UST Just Got B’lue-d


Last September 10, my fellow blogger friends and I, went to UST for the B’lue activation event. B’lue – the newest lifestyle drink designed for us, had an interactive set up. There were three activation booths namely: 1. B’lue Billboard 2. B’lue Vendo 3. B’lue Bench.

1 The B’lue Campus Billboard
My message here was “Love, A was here!” hehe.

Basically this was like an interactive board where people can just write random messages for others to see. There was also a screen showing real time tweets and posts about the #USTFullyAliveWithBlue event! 🙂


Hanging out at the B’lue Vendo with Vina and Camie 😀

This one’s pretty cool. It’s like a chatting vendo machine! The vendo machine chats with us through the screen! And it also gave us a B’lue drink WEE! 🙂


Look, even the B’lue vendo told me to share my B’lue drinks with Pat! 😀

First attempt to sit down on the bench! With Angela and Jel. We’re so happy we got our drinks!


B’lue Bench with David, Camie, Vina, Angela and Verniece

This is actually my favorite! Can’t count how many times I sat and went back to get my own B’lue drink! :)) There were 2 benches available. Apparently there is a girl bench and a guy bench lol. The “benches” interact with the people that sit on them! Three people were needed to sit down on the bench to get a B’lue drink! 😀 My favorite B’lue flavor is orange! It’s just the right tangy so I felt chill and at the same time refreshed with it! It’s not the type that surprises you because of too much flavor or sweetness. 🙂


With Camie Juan! Wee I love this French Girl :p


We all had so much fun at #USTFullyAliveWithBlue! 😀

Everything was so interactive and fun because there were lots who participated! Everyone there was so full of energy, too! I loved the experience because it was a chill event where you can both enjoy the drink as well as the company! Also love the friends that I was working with that day! #SquadGoals LOL. I guess you can say like it’s a campus tour for B’lue! Better watch out, next stop might be your campus! 😀

To check out more photos from the B’lue school activation events, you can visit and like their Facebook page at or check the #FullyAliveWithBlue on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. Jhannica
    4 years ago

    It’s the same drink that my brother buy every time we finished jogging I never try it since I thought it was only for boys and after reading this I might give it a try. BTW, How to pronounce your name?

  2. Marella
    4 years ago

    Just knew you guys were there two days after 🙁 I hope to see you in UST soon! <3


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