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1989 Tour DC

July 13, 2015: A very memorable day!!! Got to watch T.S. live once again!!! <3


As soon as we knew about our States trip, I immediately decided to book a ticket to one of Taylor Swift’s shows. It was very timely also because she just started her 1989 Tour!!!! I knew for myself that I couldn’t wait and since I could take me and my sister to a show, I decided why not! Yes, I am that much of an avid fan. As excited as we were, we almost bought tickets from a scam website! Wew thank God our card rejected that fishy transaction. We were supposed to watch the 1989 East Rutherford show, but since we almost got scammed and tickets were LITERALLY running out fast, we opted to watch her Washington DC Tour.. even though DC wasn’t in our itinerary. Lol.

So yes, from LA – Utah – Arizona – LA – San Diego, to New York and then to Washington! We intentionally went to Washington primarily for the concert and stayed for 3 days. July 13-15, we were DC bound!


My sister, Breann – my ultimate concert buddy!


My ootd from NYC and straight to the concert. (Yes, I wore this the whole bus trip -_-)

Top: Lola Daisies; Shorts: F21; Heels: Macy’s

Ofc, this outfit’s Taylor Swift inspired aka I dressed like her. Hihi.

Left NYC at around 7am, got to our house in DC around 12.30 noon. Concert supposedly starts at around 6pm-ish so we thought lining up around 3pm wouldn’t be so bad! Good thing we decided to check the Google street view and at around 1.30 people were already lining up! Given that we had no meal in our tummies yet, we decided to go straight to the concert! Fyi, we got tickets to B-Stage Moshpit 🙂 Our tickets were for standing only so all the more we needed to get there early and reserve our spot! And believe me, it was NO JOKE AT ALL.

We had to get our tickets at the Will Call area which was at the other side of where we went down! Had to walk fast in heels! Nothing was going to stop me, lol and I didn’t want to have a terrible standing spot :p As soon as we got our tickets, I bought a bit of merchandise! I actually didn’t have to since we had Taylor Swift merchandise packaged together with our tickets, but I just had to! *Fan girl feels*

11944889_10153308558043071_1244246959_n 11923006_10153308558063071_1535121069_n

This was the line we had to go through. Imagine not having any meal yet,

standing in line with heels on the whole morning until noon! Add to that it ALMOST rained hard. :/


Stadium’s jam packed!!!


Met a fellow Swiftie there! Everyone meet D! 🙂


Yes I convinced Breann to sport a red hippie on! 

Opening acts were:

IMG_0475 IMG_0473

Ahhh I love Shawn Mendes! He’s a bit like Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas in one <3


Riptide is one of my favourites!




IMG_0507 IMG_0511

She opened with WTNY!! 

IMG_0532 IMG_0524 IMG_0521

New Romantics!! 

IMG_0538 IMG_0550 IMG_0548

Blank Space

IMG_0582 IMG_0588

I Knew You Were Trouble and I Wish You Would

IMG_0594 IMG_0596 IMG_0603

A personal favorite of mine: How You Get The Girl

I just love her outfit, the lighted umbrellas and the setting of the stage <3

IMG_0610 IMG_0619 IMG_0625 IMG_0635

I Know Places, All You Had To Do Was Stay


And for the special guestLORDE!!!!! They sang Royals together 😀

IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0651 IMG_0654

Thank God she was mostly on the B-Stage!!! Can’t believe I got to watch this close to her again!!!

IMG_0658 IMG_0660 IMG_0672 IMG_0677

You Are In Love and Clean. YAIL is one of her most interactive songs on the setlist. 🙂

IMG_0696 IMG_0702 IMG_0705



This Love

IMG_0719 IMG_0718

Bad Blood and WANEGBT

IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0737

Another favorite of mine!!! Enchanted-Hey There Delilah-Wildest Dreams Medley!

What I love the most about her concerts is that she sings a different version than the original!

Plus it’s something you can’t download online so it was just really my first time hearing it <3

IMG_0748 IMG_0772 IMG_0776

Out Of The Woods

IMG_0781 IMG_0785 IMG_0788 IMG_0793

Finale ofc, Shake It Off!

WHAT A SHOW RIGHT?! Still can’t contain myself! <3333 Was a bit nervous of our seats but thank God it was all worth it! This was also my birthday gift for myself btw! Basically my whole trip to the States + this 1989 Concert was all fruits of my labor. Anyway. I hope I “took” you guys to DC with me! Flooded blog, hehe. To those asking, I just used my iPhone and my Canon Point and Shoot camera. Couldn’t bring in my Fujifilm camera because it didn’t meet the concert rules. Nonetheless, i love everything about it! So different from her Red Tour and other concerts. From her pretty outfits, pretty lights and set up of the stage add to that her inspiring advices about love and life, definitely a concert to remember! 🙂

3 days allotted for Washington but I needed the 2 days to recover, really! Body ached so much plus I had no voice and it seemed like my immune system was down right after. Lol at my post-concert depression :p Up until now I can’t get over! Looking back and me writing this blog post for you guys made me very nostalgic! I hope Taylor Swift brings the 1989 Tour here in Manila!!! Will most DEFINITELY watch again! Believe me when I say that her concert’s has been nothing but the best and this 1989 Tour of hers was nothing to her past concerts! Something new, interactive, raw and unforgettable – that is <3

Given that experience of mine, I decided to make Tips when watching a concert:

1. Plan ahead – Research about the seats, prices and packages and decide where you’ll settle. Keep in mind standing vs. reserved seating!

2. Book when you can, but don’t delay your decision too much to the point that you lose the seats you have been eyeing on. Boo.

3. Read fine print and other instructions – where to get your ticket, venue rules and etc.

4. Research on the weather/season just so you know what type of weather you’d be expecting.

5. Plan your concert outfit! I was supposed to have my outfit made but given the time constraint, I just had to make do. I also wanted to add lights for my outfit but there were instructions that it wasn’t allowed. I didn’t want to risk not being able to watch!

6. Bring just what you have to and signs if you must! I don’t know if you guys heard but for Taylor Swift’s concert, there are rules regarding sign sizes, lights and type of cameras. Better make sure so you wouldn’t have that hold up on the line 🙂

7. Eat a decent meal prior to the concert! THIS IS A MUST. That’s what I failed to do, so I suggest you make time and wake up early if need be. The B-Stage does not allow food so my sister and I had to take turns in getting hotdogs while opening acts were running. :/

8. Find your way – plan your route and line up early. It may or may not be traffic but better safe than sorry!

9. Buy merch – it’s not always that you get to! May be a bit costly but it’s part of the experience!

10. Enjoy and dance the night away! I’m sure I did! 🙂

Sorry for the long post but I hope you guys liked it. It became sort of a 2 in 1 blog post. :)) Hopefully Taytay comes to the Philippines soon so you guys get to experience it first hand as well <3

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  1. Bianca Lynn Osteria
    5 years ago

    Thank you for blogging about this! I can feel how excited you were and how amazing it was. AHHHHH FANGIRL FEELS <3 I am so excited for her 1989 Tour in Manila! I think I know now what seats to get. Thank you, again! 🙂

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      IKR!!! I hope they bring it here <3

  2. Sheila Mae Monencillo
    5 years ago

    Wow!Totally wow!! I’m so jealous.I love Taylor Swift since she debuted and I’ve been wishing to see her sing live.But I’m happy for you.By the way,I’m a fan of your blog and you are one of the few bloggers who inspired me to make my own blog.I’m nothing compared to you when it comes to blogging especially ‘coz I’m still starting but I hope you’ll notice me hahaha.

  3. Kaye Gabertan
    5 years ago

    Weeee!! Super LOVE TS!! And like you also praying for 1989 Tour here in Manila!! Supeeer thank you for sharing this!! P.S love the close up pictures!!

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Thank god for nice seats!:D So much cheaper there compared to the Philippines!

  4. Ara
    5 years ago

    Love your blog!! Such a good read to start the month right!!! Swiftie here too! 😉

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Ikr! Thank you so much <3 Hi there! 🙂

  5. A
    5 years ago

    Awesome, hope you write about your Prismatic World Tour experience next! Saw you at the concert with Kath and friends ☺️

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Hehe i don’t have much photos 🙁 And I’m barely a fan! Hehe. I’ll blog about my Ariana experience though 🙂

  6. Alex Delfin
    5 years ago

    Wow just wow!!! I’m so inggit that you we’re able to watch her live, it’s always a dream for me to watch her. I have here 1989 album on my phone and boy I love it so much!!! I hope she’ll go back here in the Philippines!!

    Hope to see you again soon

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      I HOPE SO TOO!!! 🙁 <3

  7. Georgia Carlos
    5 years ago

    Whew, I can feel the happiness and excitement you felt while I was reading you blog. *Fangirl feels too*
    Thank you for sharing Arisse! and for the tips, too 🙂 May I know how long/ how many hour(s) did the concert last? 🙂
    thankee 🙂

  8. Arria
    5 years ago

    OMG so close!! Can i just ask what type of a Canon camera you used? They’re all in the bestest quality srsly! Thank you!

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      It’s a canon point and shoot. If i’m not mistaken it’s Canon S110. It’s my dad’s actually! So happy on how the photos turned out! Very compact and light! Perfect for concerts 🙂

  9. Ally
    5 years ago

    how much were ur tickets when u convert it to PH peso? I’m scared my savings won’t be enough if she visits manila again :((

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Approximately 20k php each ticket! Keep in mind everything’s so much cheaper at the States though :/ I bet it will be crucially expensive here in Manila.. 🙁

  10. Danielle Grace
    5 years ago

    Awee I super love TS, as much as I love you, A! Great shots! I feel that I was really in the concert by just looking at them! God bless and more power to your blog! (Actually this is my first time to visit your blog and it’s amazing)

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Thank you! Great seats = great shots!! Thanks really. Love it when you appreciate what I do 😀

  11. Mildred Eva
    5 years ago

    Ah! Love you’re blog! I watch the concert too @houston 2days ago! And it was a blast! And love you’re ootd and video post! Wanting to watch TS in closer!!!! Like you did. I bet its more fun ever!!! We had fun too. ☺☺☺

  12. carissa
    5 years ago

    Wow. im a taylor fan as well. looks like you had so much fun

    1. Arisse
      5 years ago

      Yes <33333

  13. Julia Austriaco @DYOSANGTAYLOR
    4 years ago

    I LOVE THIS BLOG POST Ate A! <3 So much feels. I am so sad because Taylor is not bringing her 1989 Tour here but thanks to you for sharing your experience! <3 And btw, I'm an avid fan and die hard fan of Taylor Swift 7 years from now, (turning eight) and I'm 14 y/o now and yeah. I'm also a die hard fan of your bestie Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. (KathNiel to be exact hihi) And yes, YOU! I love you! I am always replying on your tweets (hope you noticed it) and you even liked my tweet. That made me cry. Hope to see you NOW or SOON. 🙂 Love you! <3


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