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Solution To Achieve Clear Skin

Ever since I got back from my beach trips, my skin was honestly not as clear as it used to be! I have had numerous trips to the derma, for consultation and getting my facial! I have always thought that salt water from the beach would help dry up pimples and other radicals on the face but that’s not always the case. One fact I overlooked was salt water had germs and a lot of it! I was so focused on it containing mostly salt, I forgot that germs contributed more pimples! MEH. :/ Also, since it’s summer, our body produces more sweat due to the intense summer heat! Sweating can clog pores and trap bacteria in our skin, leading to what we call annoying pimples! Grr.

As OCD I am of my skin, yes, I still get breakouts occasionally. Our skin depends on how we treat or take care of ourselves and that’s a fact! Since I love the beach so much and I didn’t want to pack heavy on my trips, my skin care routine was pretty minimal! I focused more on cleansing and toning but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. Beauty soaps won’t suffice in addressing acne, tbh! It won’t provide the same protection as cleansers that are really for acne and other radicals!

Thank you Safeguard and Sample Room for sending these! I have lots of stocks :p

The only way to deal with annoying acne is either using anti-acne products religiously or better yet, PREVENT them before they get worse. And I must say, pimples/acne on our skin really takes time to go away or heal! Don’t you guys agree? Good thing now, a very trusted brand – Safeguard – now has a line that’s perfect not just for the body, but also for the face! Nice to meet you, where have you been Safeguard Derma Sense? :p Safeguard, as you all know, is the top of mind brand when it comes to protection from germs and we can now do that as it also helps get rid of acne! It has antibacterial ingredients that target germs that cause acne, leading to clearer skin!

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It comes in two variants: 1. for Acne Prone Skin and 2. for Sensitive Skin! I can use both right now since I initially have sensitive skin and am currently experiencing breakouts from my recent beach trips, but I opted to use the Acne Prone variant for the mean time. It does not really take a lot when it comes to your skin regimen. You just have to focus on cleansing your face, twice a day, day and night using the Safeguard Derma Sense. Remember not to apply harshly on the skin, because a little goes a long way! What I liked about using this new line was my skin felt clean and tight after using it! I have been using it for three days and there are no side effects with it – just clearer skin! Try the Derma Sense line for yourselves to achieve clearer and beautiful skin. 🙂


Excited to see further results! Watch out for a following blog post on its effect on my skin! Stay tuned x

For more information about Safeguard Derma Sense, check their Facebook page here.


– Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all written here are solely based on my own preferences, experiences and opinions. 🙂 –

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Posted on June 30, 2015

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