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[Photo Set]: El Nido 2015

This was a different summer for us! Instead of going to the usual Boracay, we went to the beautiful El Nido, Palawan! We were also done with the “party phase” anyway! Given that, we decided to have a peaceful and relaxing anniversary-summer trip together with a small group of friends! When it comes to traveling, I don’t like going to places where people usually go. Hipster as it may seem, I just think that there are other beautiful places to explore, more than the usual! El Nido is actually one of my dream places. I have been eyeing on it ever since 2011 and finally 2015, I made my dream come true! The sun, the white sand, the beach and good company – a quiet summer, definitely a summer to remember! πŸ™‚

It was a pretty long way to go for you to reach El Nido itself. Aside from the Puerto Princesa flight, there was a 5-6 hour drive to El Nido! Never liked the idea of long car rides but this was an exception! We stayed at El Nido Cove – which is actually a sister company of the El Nido Luxury Resorts. This was at a remote area, 20 minutes away from town so you can really expect that relaxing vacation, far from the buzz of the town! Loved everything about El Nido Cove: friendly and accommodating staff, great view, the beach, the pool, the view! Everything was there already.

This trip got even more special when Patrick and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary there! We never gave material stuff for our anniversary since we believe that treasuring moments are better than things. Relaxing at the beach, island hopping, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking were all we did then, which equal to our very sun burnt selves :)) For our anniversary, we had a private island hopping tour and had lunch at a private island in the middle of nowhere! (Ahhh, I just love how we were able to enjoy the view and each other’s company!) Another highlight of the trip when Patrick had a romantic dinner set-up for us! I was expecting that we were going to have dinner with our friends, but he talked them into surprising me as well! The El Nido Cove staff really treated us like VIP during our whole stay there and not just our anniversary! It seemed like we really got the taste of their luxury resort already!

As much as I wanted to stay there longer, I couldn’t πŸ™ We’re back to reality with lots of work and other priorities on our plate right now. Fortunately enough I have two to three upcoming trips back to El Nido, Palawan later this year! One for work and the other two trips for friends! Stay tuned with some more of my travels! Now let the pictures speak for themselves :p

11267467_10153085913788071_209071893_n Nakpan 2 Nakpan Nakpan1

@ Nakpan Beach
11355364_10153085914033071_2051876582_n 11311690_10153085913773071_1866195829_n 11287306_10153085948433071_157936206_n

Availed Tour A during our early stay which included Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon and Seven Commando. Tour C on our last full day with Hidden Beach, Secret Beach and Helicopter Island as part of the itinerary! πŸ™‚

11272213_10153085948888071_268883938_n 7 Commando 11354871_10153087601378071_1731247677_n

New found favorite activity – SNORKELLING <311354945_10153085913828071_1674079953_n Kayak at Small Lagoon 11119234_10153085913823071_1446723118_n Small Lagoon

Kayaking at Small Lagoon.


Anniversary lunch at a private island somewhere in the middle of Paglugaban.11350199_10153085925203071_1954152601_n 11304559_10153087601393071_163693784_n

@ 7 Commandos beach. Ahhh I love how clear the water is <3


On our down time we play board games! Lookie at my letter stash, sneaked to take this picture, hihi!Β 


Time for Tour C!11256475_10153085913838071_50142003_n 11287250_10153087601438071_147107658_n

@ Secret Beach


Stopped in the middle of the ocean around Matinloc for our lunch!Β 


@ Hidden Beach where Patrick followed me everywhere with a freaking jelly fish on his hand -_- HAHA

11358612_10153085913833071_1709020508_n 11350182_10153087601513071_946804296_n 11287266_10153087601493071_512397230_n

Helicopter Island has got to be one of my favorites! Quiet, not much people, white sand, and clear blue water – AHHH I MISS THIS πŸ™


The beautiful bouquet I got for our anniversary. Didn’t expect this since the town was so far, but thank you Pat for making it happen πŸ™‚

Our amazing romantic dinner set-up thanks to El Nido Cove! Can’t believe they landscaped this area just to make this happen for us πŸ™‚Β 11354950_10153085947263071_1000791137_n 11350321_10153085947798071_2031259420_n 11118021_10153085946773071_1272145567_n 11328956_10153085948423071_973565188_n

Seafood for our anniversary dinner! El Nido Cove has the best food by far! Nothing can compare even other restaurants from the town! Happy tummy, happy Arisse :p11358797_10153085946653071_1794958370_n

Cheers for more years together!! It’s been a long roller coaster ride but it’s all good!

Big thanks to everyone who made this summer trip special! Thank you El Nido Cove for having us!

Hopefully another El Nido blog post late this year! <3

P.S. Thank you for being so patient with me with regard to my posting. I’ll make it up to you guys and will post more about my personal experiences! It’s been a tough week but I am glad that everything’s all settled down. Stay tuned for moreΒ adventures! πŸ™‚

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  1. Angelica Fanugon
    4 years ago

    Relationship goals!!!! Grabe Miss A! ❀️
    Stay happy and in love!! πŸ™‚

  2. Jija
    4 years ago

    i really love your blog arisse, specially the beauty and your ‘personal’ posts ☺️ my fave is ‘i love, love’ i enjoyed reading it so much. maraming napupulutang aral interms of relationship talaga.. hehe! wish you and pat a long and stronger relationship! OTP indeed

    PS. i love your girl power, a lady with class talaga. worth a peg! no joke

    PPS: your so good with this post that i want to go to el nido din soon haha

  3. Dd
    4 years ago

    What camera did you use in taking these pictures? πŸ™‚

    1. Arisse
      4 years ago

      GoPro πŸ™‚

  4. Rina Macion
    3 years ago

    Girl, post another pictures nyo yung nag vacation kayo sa Elder Nido pls.. πŸ™‚

  5. Abby
    3 years ago

    Hi, Arisse! Saan po kayo nagpatour package? Ang ganda po ng package, plano din po kasi namin mag Palawan!:) Thanky xo

    1. Arisse
      3 years ago

      Hi! It was all arranged while I was there. πŸ™‚ No package! πŸ™‚


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